Innovative Commercial Environments



We are members of the Office Furniture USA network of manufacturers and dealerships. This network allows us to offer great deals on the products which we sell. It also expands our selection, ensures punctual delivery during installations, and provides a nationwide network of showrooms outside of our local showroom.


The ICE Network of Associated Quality Companies (INAQC)


We have been recommended as the furniture solution for 100% of the projects we have completed.  We have discovered that working within a closely knit community such as San Diego, it serves our customers best to partner within a small network or specialized, efficient companies that also offer uncompromising quality.

This ensures successful projects, reduces client costs and increases efficiencies. No fees are added to this service; a job well done and future partnering opportunities is the payment.

INAQC ensures that we can provide you with the best services directly from the highest quality companies in the San Diego area without paying the usual premiums. By working with out-of-house companies, we have reduced our overhead to focus on the essentials-- providing superior customer support and an exceptional product at a highly competitive rate.